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Aug. 30th, 2005 @ 06:18 pm
Name:Karen Hobbs
Location:Suwanee, GA
Single or Dating: Dating
Age: 21
Name of Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Keith

Out of the topics below, please select three or more and explain you views on it, and why.

Gay Marriages: IMO, I dont really have a problem with it. I have never been the type to be prejudice or anything towards certain things. My thing is, if you are in love with someone, whether they are of the same sex or not, then that is all that should matter. If you are wanting to spend the rest of your life with that person then so be it. Forget what other people say, because in the end its you and that person.

Interracial Relations: DEFINETLY dont see a problem with this. I am a white female and my boyfriend is black. I have only dated 2 white men. Its not that i dont like them its just that ive always been more attracted to black men. You cant help who you fall in love with. :) I was raised not to see the color in someone but to look inside and see the type of person they are. Its so hard to understand how people are racist. Ah well..

Abortions: I dont think that its my place to say anything to anyone about this. Its your body and your decision in the end. You are just going to end up doing what you want to anyway. Just think about what you are doing before you do it to make sure that you are making the best decision.

Young and Old Marriages: There is NO age limit on when you have to get married. Yea more people dont get married til after they graduate school and whatnot, but there isnt a specific rule on marriage. If you are truly in love with that person and are willing to be there for them through thick and thin, sickness and in health and all of that then more power to you. I know someone who is engaged to a women he truly loves, and i used to think that one day that would be me...but then i see how happy he is, and its like i dont think i could make him as happy as she has. I found my special someone that i can see myself with and its funny because plans change...you thought you were going to be with that other person but then yall both came to realization that there were other people out there that we were meant to be with.

Relationship Issues: Everyone is going to have them. If you truly love that person, then you will be able to work through it no matter how tough. Sometimes you will be mad at each other for more than a day, but in the end you will still be madly in love and you will work through it.

Friends: These people right here are the most important people to keep you sain...haha....other than your family, you need your friends to keep you humble and to help you when you are down. If you cant talk to a certain someone then you always have them. Whether you are dating someone or not, true friends are never to be taken for granted. They will remain by your side for as long as you should live. I have to say that even when ive had some rough times and even a couple fall outs with some friends, in the end we made up and worked things out and i cant thank them enough for being who they are and for being there for me when i needed. Thank you...
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App Aug. 29th, 2005 @ 10:18 am
Single or Dating:Dating a member here OoOoHhhH!!
Name of Boyfriend or Girlfriend:Beauitful Girlfriend

Out of the topics below, please select three or more and explain you views on it, and why.

Gay Marriages:IMO (in my opinion) If that makes you happy, then go for it. No one has the right to tell anyone who they can and cannot be with. To me I see it as it's a interracial relationship. Personally, I could never do it, because I love the opposite sex, but I won't treat them differently because they find the same sex attractive, and that's who they want. Let people be happy, stop the hate! we're all god's children.

Interracial Relations:I love interracial relationships. To me they're the best kinds! It's great to be with somone who's different, and learn from them. To me sometimes same race relationships are turn offs, because most of them are ingorant, loud, annoying, and just immature, and really don't wanna do much with they're lives. If you want to have a good life, and no one in your same race that u've dated wants the samethings in life, but you find it else where from a different eithnic background, go for it!

War: All I got to say its a waste of money, time, and people's lifes.

Abortions: Hey, it's your body, do what you think is best for you, I have no say in this topic.

Young and Old Marriages:

Young Marriages: Personally I see it like this...don't let anyone tell you, that you are to young to get married. If that's something you want to do, and who you wanna be with for the rest of your life, then do it. If you dont want anyone else, then hey go for it! I know I am.

Older Marriages: Again, don't tell anyone if your to young or too old. Love happens at any and every age. Your never to old or young to get married. Do what makes you happy, if ur 89 and wanna get married, then do it!

Relationship Issues: Oh boy! Well there's all kinds of Relationship issues. Attitudes, cheating. I can say in my current relationship, even tho it's hard, We don't have many relationship issues, expect for each other getting snappy on one another, that's the only problem we have besides the distance. But I think our relationship is strong as a brick house. But Cheating on the other hand is a HUGE relationship issue. If you are gonna cheat, don't get into relationships, save that person the heartbreak, save that person from possibly hurtting themselfs if they get attached, then what are you gonna do then? If they kill themselfs, or hurt themselfs really bad, it will be your blame because you told that girl, or guy all these things, and you distroyed them.

Friends:Friends don't make promises to friends that they'll do something, and dont..thats all I got to say about that!

Long distances Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 10:19 am
Why does the pressure of long distance effect relationships. It's really hard to deal with it, but hey if you love them you will deal with it. The only factors that I don't like about long distance relationships is the fact who's gonna cheat. If you find a pair that don't want or need anyone else but the one they love, then why even worry about it cheating. I don't want another cause I'm happy with the one i'm with, and i'm gonna be with her. I get the vibe sometimes she's not happy, and she wants to give up, I hope that's not the case. We miss each other alot, and its hard, but I have a nice christmas present for her. I've been thinking about it, and hopefully I will give it to her this year. In long distance relationships, people tend to worry about if I had to move to be with someone, what am I gonna expect? Will the person you moved for tell you "I cheated on you a month ago?"

Everyone listen up...remember that expression...if there's a will, there's away? well I believe that is true, because I said to myself I'm willing to go see her, and what did I do, I went and saw her. I'm willing to move, and i'll move. To be honest with everyone here, I've never really gone outta my way for someone. For some reason, I got over the fear of flying, BOTH TIMES! and went to see her. Now I'm moving for her. It would be easier on me if she came down, but she's gonna be with me for the rest of mine, and her life, so she wants me to get to know her family, and then move or watever, but i can understand, cause she'll be living in the south, and away from them for a long time, and I can understand where she's comin from.

Just learn from my posts, and u'll see how it is..She doesn't post much about our relationship like I do, but this is away for me to get it out, and some stuff are private so ya kno, gotta keep that on the low.

Aug. 26th, 2005 @ 11:54 pm
Name: DEE
Location: TEXAS
Name of Boyfriend or Girlfriend: POE

My opinons:

I can't say that I totally agree with gay marriages, but I do think they should have the right to get married if they choose to. Who are we (America) to tell two individuals (regardless of their sexual preference) that they are not allowed to get married? I think if they truly love each other, then they should be allowed the opportunity to marry just as straight couples do. I don't see what the big deal is.

As for interracial relationships ... I'm totally for it. I feel if you love somebody it shouldn't matter what their skin color is. Love is love. I'm white, my man is black. I've never been with a white man, always with black men. I didn't choose it, that's just how things went. I've had my share of looks, stares and negative comments, but that is to be expected. Especially being a white woman with a black man in the south. Some people are just stuck in their ways. Racism will never end. It is a sickness that is passed on from generation to generation. It is really up to our young people to make that change and to stop the cycle from continuing. But I feel if you're happy ... then "F" what everyone else thinks.

War. Hmm. This is a subject that can get really ugly quick, fast and in a hurry. I don't agree with what Bush is doin'. Not in the least. He is using our young people for his own selfish reasons. This war is NOT about terrorism, creating a democracy or anything else Bush claims it is for. It's about oil. Plain and simple. He's tryin' to finish what his father started and I'm really tired of him usin' us (American citizens) to do it. B.U.S.H. Bringing the United States Hell. But what really makes me upset is the amount of people complainin' about him now. Where were they durin' the elections???

Well that's my 2 cents. Hopefully I'll be accepted and I'll have the chance to discuss these issues (and more) with others.

~ Dee

Aug. 27th, 2005 @ 12:36 am
Location: Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Single or Dating: Dating long term
Age: 21
Name of Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Kevin

Out of the topics below, please select three or more and explain you views on it, and why.

Gay Marriages: I am for. I have many gay relatives and friends and frankly there is no logical reason why not. There are personal views that vary from person to person. I see gay marriage the same way i see inter-racial relationships. Why not? If it's love, then what's wrong with it? For the longest time inter-racial marriage was illegal. I'm not sure of the exact dates as to when it was made completely legal throughout the US, but I know in Cali it was illegal for Japanese to marry Whites in the 1940's. So it wasn't too long ago. And many people would find it horrible to not marry someone because of their ethnicity even tho their love was pure strong and healthy, why is that any different than gay marriage?
Interracial Relations: see above rant; my boyo's also half-korean, quarter swedish(wondering where the hell that went ;) ) and quarter portugeuse and I'm White(mostly irish)
Wars: dumb, stupid and frankly for the most part useless...however sometimes the other person just wants to fight and that's the only way you'll get through to them.
Abortions: your body, your life, your choice. However, should have a damn good reason.
Young and Old Marriages: if the love is true and relationship healthy there's no reason why not.
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Out of the topics below, please select three or more and explain you views on it, and why.

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